GETTINGPERSONAL.CO.UK EMAIL DESIGN, an online personalised gifts company. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, to make your special moments more personal and exciting.


Over the 4 years I worked here, I quickly transitioned from junior to senior email designer and was tasked with breathing new life into their CRM and promotional emails. It was my job to make the emails visually beautiful, technically simple and easy for the customers to use. I designed and developed a brand new set of email templates. They were responsive and mobile first, cleaned out of any old and unnecessary code and transitioned into using HTML instead of images whenever it was possible. Over time, we saw a shift in customers switching from shopping via desktop, to via mobile. This meant that making the change helped us stay up-to-date with the latest trends and made sure we looked great across all devices and platforms. Because our code was clean and HTML friendly, we were also able to achieve a great inbox delivery rate.

As GettingPersonal are a ‘personalised gifts’ company, we tried to personalise each email to feature the customer’s name whenever possible. We used a specialised software that allowed us to create any style of a name on absolutely anything. From stars in the sky, to their name etched into burnt toast and even written in the icing on a doughnut, these were a huge hit with customers.