asmholmes Transportation Business Unit

BOOKING.COM EMAIL DESIGN Transportation Business Unit, the ground transport division of, also known as Empowering people to get where they’re going, whether they’re taking the wheel or sitting back and leaving it to the driver.


As the Senior Email Designer, it was my job to ensure our customers receive high quality, relevant communications that consistently push the boundaries of innovation. I was in charge of working in collaboration to design and develop new, highly personalised, automated emails, as well as improving their current ones. I did this along with creating and delegating the day to day sends. During my time at Booking, I was in charge of overhauling any and all emails to make them cleaner, more modern and device friendly. I implemented a new header, preheader, and footer. As well as cleaning up all CSS and creating multiple, reusable content blocks that work across any language, all of which have been heavily A/B tested and won. I also designed, tested and implemented a few interactive elements including an accordion, tabs, tap to reveal, a vertical scrolling car and horizontal scrolling offer blocks; amongst others.