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I co-found a unique, theme-based, digital arts magazine that allows artists to submit their artwork and have the honour of being featured. It's a platform for the everyday artist to get recognition and not have to fight to be seen against industry professionals and already established artists. It was my job to produce a website to host all the artists and their artwork, create online advertisements, and publish all social media posts. I also worked with my colleague to design and build the digital magazine, produce our own artwork and gather artists to feature in future publications.

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We wanted to create a brand that is current and different from the competition. One that was unique and niche and would appeal to younger artists trying to make a name for themselves. We chose green for our branding because we felt it best suited the look and feel we were going for. I designed the website in a way that allows the artwork to jump off the screen and intrigue the user enough to come and have a read of the article. This was achieved by featuring the best artwork for the current theme right at the top, meaning it's the first thing the user sees when visiting.

The layout for the magazine was our biggest challenge. We didn't want it to be exactly like a traditional magazine, we wanted it to look and feel more like an art book crossed with a zine. The introduction to each section was influenced by the Minecraft walkthrough books, and how simple yet effective they were at catching your attention. Each section also became colour coded as we felt it helped with navigation when quickly flicking through.

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If you'd like to talk about a project, big or small, please don't hesitate to drop me a line via email, or give me a call on the number provided.

Let's create something awesome together!