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Tasked with completely redesigning their branding, from a logo and business cards, right through to stamps. MCServices wanted me to help them stand out from the competition with a more contemporary look and feel.

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MCS had seen the logo I created for E.Delaney Demolition and liked the circled aspect of it, but wanted their initials to be bolder and jump out more when you look at it. I incorporated this into the design, but we agreed it looked better and cleaner without the circle and with just the font. We decided to go with the colour yellow as that is the main colour of the machines they use, also I felt it would help it pop more.

Once we agreed on the logo and colour scheme, the rest of the branding fell into place smoothly. MCS also really liked the business cards I created for E. Delaney and wanted theirs to be similar, keeping it simple and minimal. I applied this across the rest of the stationery.

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