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I was hired by E. Delaney Demolition to re-envision their branding. Their old logo was seriously outdated, so they wanted a fresh new approach. They wanted something that would not only look good now, but would also look good when coming up against future trends. I was also tasked with creating business cards, letterheads and newspaper advertisements.

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The key message for their logo was to keep it simple but to make it jump out when applied to their machinery. We agreed on a circular design as we felt this would be more visible from distance than just text. Also, it made them distinct from any of their competitors at the time.

The letterhead was designed to make it stand out when mixed in with a stack of letters. We wanted clients to see the green pop from within the stack, and be drawn back to it again, making sure E. Delaney always stayed at the forefront of their minds.

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