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I’m Adam, an email designer & developer based in Manchester, UK. I’m full-time employed by day and work freelance at night. I’m like a really rubbish superhero that uses his HTML & CSS superpowers to battle the evils of Gmail & Outlook… and trust me, THEY’RE EVIL!

I design and develop clean, immersive and intuitive marketing communications that help keep customers interested and engaged, leading to improved click-through and conversion rates.

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I’m a visual artist from Manchester, UK, disciplined in multiple forms of design and specialising in email marketing since 2014. I work with companies of all different shapes and sizes, from full-blown organizations, to start-ups. Whether it’s one-off sends, a full campaign or you’re looking for someone on retention, I’m your goto for all your email needs.

I’ve spent the last 7 years improving my skills and gaining experience in many different industries including; travel, fashion, gambling and ecommerce, amongst others. This has allowed me to gain a strong understanding of what a great email should look like for your customers and what keeps them interested and continuing to come back and engage.


I am available on a project by project basis, or on retention. I currently do not have fixed working hours available but instead work on a day based turn around system. Depending on the scale of your project, I am usually able to complete works and return it to you within 2 – 3 days or in 1 – 2 days at an extra cost.


Please contact me, with a breakdown of your requirement, to check my current availability.