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I'm a visual artist from Manchester, disciplined in multiple forms of design. Currently, I'm working as a CRM Operations Executive at Here, it's my job to let loose those glitter cannons and bring out my inner 19 year old girl to create awesome, award-winning, fun and immersive marketing emails that keep customers interested and engaged. This leads to a higher boost in click through and conversion, helping the business to continually surpass sales targets and set industry benchmarks within the customer life cycle. I also work freelance to provide services in email design, web design and graphic design, striving to create artwork that is simple and minimal, yet beautiful and innovative.

Previously, I worked as a digital designer at, an online retail company that specialise in unique and personalised gifts. I was part of the marketing team, designing and creating responsive promotional emails and advertisements for customers. I also helped with other design aspects that included the online magazine, UX/UI design and social media.

In my spare time I co-found a digital arts magazine that allows budding artists to feature their artwork, gaining admirers and followers while improving their fan-base via our website and digital magazine. I also worked as a graphic designer at Euro Visual Media where I created graphics for many high profile clients, ranging from logos and flyers to A1 boards and shop signs.


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If you'd like to talk about a project, big or small, please don't hesitate to drop me a line via email, or give me a call on the number provided.

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